Here are some of the places associated with director Yasujiro Ozu.


Yasuji Ozu is the director of “SHOULDERS OF GIANTS,” a project commemorating the 120th anniversary of the birth of Yasujiro Ozu, a “message to the future” that is also being presented to the world at the Tokyo International Film Festival.

 Yasujiro Ozu is a Japanese film director who is so famous and loved around the world that German director Wim Wenders, famous for films such as “Paris, Texas” and “Berlin: The Poem of an Angel,” expressed his love for the 1953 film “Tokyo Story” (directed by Yasujiro Ozu) in his “Tokyo-ga” (“Tokyo picture”).

I have researched the places where this director, Yasujiro Ozu, created and was associated with.

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From Kiyosumi-Shirakawa, birthplace of Yasujiro Ozu, to Monzennakacho.

I am very interested in the source of Yasujiro Ozu’s creativity and have explored Fukagawa, the place of his birth. The birthplace of Yasujiro Ozu is easy to find, with a monument under a pedestrian bridge near Kiyosumi-Shirakawa Station.

From Kiyosumi-Shirakawa Station, where the Oedo Line and Hanzomon Line stop, walk straight down Kiyosumi-dori toward Monzennaka-cho, and you will find the monument. The address is 1-8-8-8 Fukagawa, Koto-ku, Tokyo.

Walking beyond Monzennakacho from the birthplace (about a 15-minute walk), you will find the Ozu Bridge over the Koishiba River in a residential area, which was built by the Ozu family (a merchant family that has been in existence since the Edo period) to transport goods from the family’s land.

The bridge is easily recognizable by the name on the bridge.

Chigasaki Kan, an inn in Chigasaki where director Yasujiro Ozu wrote the screenplay.

Near JR Chigasaki Station, there is the Chigasaki Kan, known as the regular lodging of director Yasujiro Ozu. It is said that he stayed there for several months to write screenplays such as “There is My Father.

In 1936, Shochiku moved from Kamata Studio in Kamata-ku, Tokyo (today’s Ota-ku, Tokyo) to Ofuna-cho, Kamakura-gun, Kanagawa Prefecture (later incorporated into Kamakura City), and in conjunction with the move, many people involved in the film industry and actors moved to this area. The “Chigasaki Kaikan” is located in the same area as the Chigasaki Museum.

According to the Chigasaki Kan’s website, director Yasujiro Ozu stayed in the corner room “No. 2” on the mezzanine floor for several months from autumn to spring of the following year to write a screenplay. There seem to be many episodes.

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The works of Yasujiro Ozu, a director born 120 years ago, have an emotional resonance for those of us living today, and a trip to imagine what Yasujiro Ozu felt in what places would also be a good opportunity to reflect on oneself through his perspective.